Wrongful Death Suit Filed Against Georgia Widow

The brother of a man murdered outside a Georgia daycare center in 2010 has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against his sister-in-law, alleging that she conspired with the killer.

Steven Sneiderman is the brother of Rusty Sneiderman, who was murder by Hemy Neuman, his wife’s former supervisor.  Neuman was arrested in January, 2011 and convicted of the murder this March.  He is also named in the suit.

The complaint alleges that Andrea Sneiderman “utilized her illicit relationship with [Neuman] to manipulate and influence him to murder Rusty Sneiderman.”  It also alleges that she “knew that [Neuman] intended to kill Rusty Sneiderman” and that she “actively and knowingly participated in the murder and the planning of the murder.”

Andrea Sneiderman’s attorneys have denied the allegations.

The wrongful death suit seeks to protect financial assets “for the benefit of the children’s future.”  Andrea Sneiderman is said to have received $2 million from two life insurance policies after her husband’s murder.  The couple had two children.

Under Georgia law, a wrongful death action may be brought by the surviving spouse or, if there is no surviving spouse, a child or children.  If there is neither a surviving spouse nor surviving children, the parents of the deceased person may pursue the wrongful death claim.  If there are no surviving parents, the administrator of the decedent's estate can sue on behalf of the estate.

Morgan Robertson, Keith Bodoh, and Matt Nasrallah are lawyers in Marietta Ga serving the Marietta, Cobb County and Metro Atlanta areas.  If you believe you may have a wrongful death claim arising out of the death of a family member, click here to learn more about your rights. Marietta Georgia Wrongful Death Lawyer

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