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How do I get the insurance company to pay my car insurance claim or my life insurance claim? Do I need a lawyer for my insurance dispute?

The refusal to pay claims by insurance companies has become a rampant problem.   Insurance law has become a specialized area of practice. We have been retained on thousands of cases where our clients have serious injuries from the fault of another, or have paid premiums to their insurance company for years, only to be told their claim is being denied. Auto and life insurance disputes are our specialty. If your claim for medical bills and lost wages related to an automobile accident is not being taken seriously or coverage has been denied, you need an attorney. If the insurance company has still not paid out, weeks after you filled out their claim forms, you need a lawyer. Insurance disputes can be very complicated, and the assistance of an attorney is critical. The attorneys at Robertson, Bodoh & Nasrallah have extensive experience handling auto insurance claims and life insurance claims in Georgia. With over 85 years of combined courtroom experience, we can help you with your insurance dispute.

You may have questions, such as 

  • "Why are they refusing to pay a legitimate claim?” 
  • “Should I sign their medical authorization forms?” 
  • “Should I allow them to take my statement?"  
  • “Is that a fair offer?”  
  • “Why are they claiming there is no coverage?”
  • “Will this affect my insurance rates?”
  • “Should I use my health insurance or the medical payments coverage on my auto policy?”  

We have the answers.

Insurance companies have huge financial reserves, well paid insurance defense lawyers working for them, and are prepared to fight you. They have one important goal: pay as little on your claim as possible. They want to settle with you early and cheaply. Don't let that happen. We can resolve your insurance dispute. You need an insurance lawyer, an expert on your side.  You need a lawyer investigating your claim as soon as possible.  You need an advocate.  We can help.

Discover how one of our experienced insurance claim lawyers can aggressively represent you or your family to get you what you deserve.

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